Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Aprendemos Português, bebê!

First of all CONGRATS to Beth! She's got a new gig with the NC Dept. of Revenue and we are so happy for her! Unfortunately, this means we will be seeing a little less of her, but as a team we will make sure Beth doesn't miss out on anything.
Last night we met and turned over our documents to Jim who will secure our VISAs. Brazil is even closer now and I feel myself getting more excited by the day. We also met with our language tutor last night. It was a great session and I could feel the anxiety leave the room. We are all very committed to representing ourselves and Rotary well, so getting a decent understanding of the language will be a significant part of that. Hopefully, our hosts will appreciate the effort and talk really, really, really slowly! :)
My favorite word that we learned last night coelho (pronounced: coh-eh-yo). It means rabbit, which has absolutely nothing to do with anything in particular, I just like the way it sounds!! Can't wait to learn more!
Boa Tarde!!

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