Sunday, October 25, 2009

Smile - Sorriso!

OK so this all began when a well-dressed, handsome, distinguished gentleman came into my office in August and smilingly said "Miss Christina I'd like you to apply for this opportunity". That man was none other than Daneel le Roux, President of ECVC (the company I work for), active Rotariaon & a former Rotary District Governor for District 7720. He went on to tell me about the wonderful opportunity Rotary was offering to young professionals acting as cultural exchange ambasssadors to Sao Paulo Brazil and that he thought I was a match. Of course I was thrilled at the prospect of going to a country I had never imagined was within my reach and now was actually possible. Sooo I hurried to complete and send in the application which resulted in being informed to come interview with the Rotary Committee on Sunday October 25th amongst other candidates for selection. During the 2 weeks before my interview, I feverishly threw myself into learning more about the values of Rotary and found that it was indeeed an organization that has what i love at heart - SERVICE ABOVE SELF! This idea matched perfectly with my own core values about helping others which led me to my work with ECVC serving People with Disabilities.

Interview Time - Sunday October 25th. Gathered at the Pitt County Public Library waiting for my turn...the worst part was the waiting lol...each one of the awaiting candidates (I found myself waiting with all of these intelligent successful young females from our district) entered the room to face a panel of Rotarians. When it was my turn there was the panel wiht me at the center asking questions about myself, my knowledge of Rotary, knowledge of Brazil & Sao Paulo. It was like a blur now...turning my head to face each person in the room one after another and then...IT WAS OVER sooner than i had expected. I stepped out into the hall and had my picture taken and waited with bated breath for their decision.

APPROVED!!! This was the beginning of it all when I met the DREAM TEAM destined for Brazil this summer...Jim our team leader, Alicia,Beth, Leigh & LaTonya...

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