Friday, January 15, 2010


I'm excited to be the first team member to post on our blog. This is just one in a series of firsts for me lately. First trip to Brazil (can't wait!), my first time learning Portuguese (it's coming along...keep praying tho!) and my first time spending 30 days in another country. I'm looking forward to meeting beautiful people, eating great food and really observing the little things that most Brazilians probably take for granted. This trip is going to be life changing......
There's always a but.....
Before I(we) can let our imaginations frolick in the beautiful land of Sao Paulo, we have a LOT of work to get done. There's presentations to prepare, brochures to fold, business cards to copy and let's not get started talking about the VISAs yet. I'll save that topic for later. So right now, I'm just concentrating on making the best presentation possible and learning as much Portuguese as I can so I don't offend our hosts. But so far, I'm please to say that it has not been a burdensome process. In fact, it's been quite a joy. Why? Because of the DREAM TEAM!!!
Seriously, I couldn't have picked 4 other women as intelligent, kind, focused and funny. They're just like me! haha
Since I'm first I'll call everyone out...
LaTonya - She's the woman with the knowledge and connections...."oh you need a copy of last years presentation? it.....oh we need a Portuguese language tutor?...ok got it" She knows how to get it done and that's somebody you always want in your corner!
Leigh - She's our resident historian and the sweetest person ever. She is such a hard worker and she pays attention to detail. She definitely going to be an asset during our preparation and once we arrive in Sao Paulo.
Christina - This is another one who has access to resources - GOTTA LOVE IT! But Christina is also fearless. I'm convinced that if there's anything I'm not too sure about Christina will check it out and make us all look like wimps! I'm a picky eater too, so thank goodness for Christina
Beth - OH BETH! This girl is like my twin. All it takes it one look and we are laughing hysterically! Beth just got back from Italy so girlfriend's passport is always ready to go! I have a feeling that Brazil is not ready for Beth and Alicia
Jim - Jim is our team leader and he has traveled all over the globe, so I feel certain that he won't let any of us get kidnapped. haha Seriously, though Jim is an outdoors kinda guy who loves diving into new cultures. He's helping to keep us on track and thank goodness because May will be here before you know it.
So that's the team....and there's so much ahead of us that we can't wait to share it! After the Orientation in Winston-Salem I know everyone got even more excited about the trip and becoming a part of a great Rotary legacy. This WILL be a life changing adventure. Lucky for me- I am surrounded by great people and lucky for you that we plan to show everything. So keep checking the blog for new updates from the team as we prepare for our trip and once we are in Brazil we plan to use this blog to keep you posted on where we are, what we are doing, and who we meet. No need to thank us....IMAGINA!

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