Wednesday, May 19, 2010

So many things ...

This week we have been staying in Alphaville, a very affluent suburb outside of Sao Paulo. LaTonya and I have been staying with Protogenese and his wife Gina. They took us to Outback for dinner our first night! What a welcome taste of home here in Brazil.

We have been doing so many things over the last few weeks; there has been little time for blogging. So, let me hit a few of my favorite highlights:

Javem Pan - this is the largest most affluent radio news station in Sao Paulo. I was so excited to visit this considering my journalistic background. When we arrived, the morning news show, with famous anchormen was finishing up their broadcast. The anchors were gracious enough to mention our team's visit and one of our host moms, Sonia, even went on air to tell the people of Sao Paulo about us. How exciting!

Argentinia President - Last Friday we met the former president of Argentina, Fernando DE LA RUA. He was speaking at the Rotary Club of Sao Paulo. So my new hobby - personal photos with world leaders! Bill Clinton and De La Rua down ... oh so many more to go.

Registro - we spent last weekend in a small town called Registro. We met Rotary Youth Exchange students from the US, Australia and India. Those kids were amazing. I can't imagine how they come to a country, do not speak the native language when they arrive and manage to stick it out for a year. Of course, they learn the language very fast. I am looking forward to seeing them at the Rotary District Conference this weekend.

Osasco!!!!!! I adore my family from Osasco. It was a small town we stayed in last week, and I could not have asked for a better host family experience. Mom and Dad didn't speak any English, but we learned to communicate ... English/Portuguese lessons were a regular during family meals. Theresina is an amazing cook! We baked homemade Pao de Queijo (aka cheese bread) AMAZING!!!!! My host sisters and brothers were awesome as well. Dani, Rita, Marcelo and Bruna took Alicia and I Samba dancing. I can't move that fast! I already miss this family. And also a big thanks to Rodrigo, my translator and bodyguard for the week! He is a great friend of the family and played basketball at University of Oklahoma in the states. He even lived in Charlottesville VA at one point during his ten years in the U.S.

We leaver tomorrow for the district conference and are looking forward to seeing so many of the Rotarians and host families we have visited earlier in the trip. We will also make our long, formal presentation to the Rotarians of
District 4610.

Hopefully we will have time to blog again soon!


  1. Thanks Beth for the summary. One of my favorite things while in Alphaville was visiting one of the social programs sponsored by YACM( our verison of YMCA) and the Rotary. While we were there, the children made recipe notebooks for us, so original and so sweet. Out of my entire time in Brazil, I have most enjoyed the children. They are beautiful and so grateful, for our presence. Whew, I'm about to cry! Until after the conference, Blessings!

  2. Wow...

    It was very nice to see you all at the Rotary Conferece!

    I´m counting the minutes to join with you again!


  3. Beth

    We are so glad that you enjoyed your time in Alphaville.
    That area was part of a project that was designed by a construction company called Takaoka. Alphaville was supposed to be a place to live and be self-sufficient. Things changed and now is a place where a lot of companies have established.
    Ok... Enough of history...
    We are looking forward to be with you all (or like in North Carolina - y'all) on wednesday and thursday night.

    Warm regards,

    Celso Kuwabara