Monday, May 10, 2010

Who knew?

So like Alicia has mentioned previously it has been a whirlwind of days leaving all of us asking what day it is and having little free time to share our experiences. This morning I will try briefly to sum up some of the a-ha moments I am learning about Rotary and Brazil so far for me. This past week we saw a Rotary project that I was very impressed with IPP - a program to help teens learn basic work skills and maintain employment. More importantly this project was partnered in funds by CitiBank. The students are all working in entery level administrative style jobs and have an opportunity as a result of this project. Like mentioned before there is evean a quota for employers to give people experience in their businesses. Imagine how many people would love those opportunities and these teens work very hard to maintain them. This program is very impressive!

We have also seen a great amount of hospitality and national pride with our host families which deserve a mention to date - so far I have stayed with: Maria Luzia, Vannessa & Renaldo and this week Ricardo & Michelle.

Today is a free day for us but I am learning about graphic arts design and printing here at Ricardo`s workplace where he is the director. I simply cannot wait to see what adventure and information tomorrow holds. I am going to the ZOO!!!! I cannot wait!!!


  1. OK so I have some more free time today so let me tell you about EMBU!

    The City of Arts nickname doesn´t even begin to do the town justice. Here we found beautfiul handmade crafts including clothing, jewelry, candy, ceramics, painitings, etc...more than the eye could see!! Everything was beautiful and i bought more than my share for gifts back home. Vanessa my hostess was a very talented artist herself and even teaches others to paint. As a parting gift she generously gave LaTonya and me a handpainted giftbox she had made. It is beautiful!!! I am so proud to have such a personal gift from someone who treated us with nothing but care and showed us a good time with shopping, good music (Vanessa da Mata is a fabulous brazilian singer that our hostess educated us about), good food, dancing and good friendships in Rotary for the future.

  2. Adorei Conhecer vc querida ....
    Um grande beijo

  3. Oh, Christina, we appreciate your taking the time to post some of your experiences. I, personally have been wondering 'what is Christina' doing today. I hope you took plenty of pictures at the Zoo. Of course, you know my love of animals. I will appreciate any thing you bring us that is native of Brazil. I wish you the best and safest trip home. Love you.

  4. As far as I know you couldn't go to Zoo and I am sorry for that. I am talking to the coordinators to check this information. If it is right we will try to make arrangements to take you there...