Sunday, April 18, 2010

2 weeks ...


We met the in-bound team from Brazil this weekend during a great Rotary Distrcit 772o Conference in Williamsburg, VA. What a great group of ambassadors from Brazil. This group could not be more intelligent, engaging or friendly.

I personally look forward to catching them on the flip-side when we are in Sao Paolo!!!!!! There were hints dropped that we may have the opportunity to attend a soccer game with them ... how exciting ... a preview to the quickly approaching World Cup?!?!?

This program is a catalyst for building world-wide friendships, and all of us ... both the Brazilian District 4610 and District 7720 teams ... are lucky to be a part of this program.

Stay tuned ... we have pictures of our teams together and will post soon!

Check out their trip blog at


  1. Hi guys!

    It was very nice to meet each one of you too!

    I wish you enjoy as much as we are here! It has being amazing!!

    Anything you need in Brazil, please let us know!

    Danielle Leme

  2. Hi, girls!
    Dani, they are girls! hahaha

    We just loved you all, too!
    It`s very easy to be friendly when you meet such a nice group!
    I hope you enjoy Brazil and I hope to see you all there!

    And remember: the most important thing to enjoy the trip is to enjoy each other first!
    Be always nice to each other and you will have only wonderful times! I`m sure!

    Stay tuned with our blog... It`s in Portuguese... if you want to try...

    Hugs hugs hugs!
    And a nice trip!
    Camila S. Ishiki Coghi
    Team Member - GSE 2010
    District 4610 to 7720