Thursday, April 29, 2010

24 hours from now.....

.....I will be on my way to Leigh's house and from there we are going to link up with Jim and make our way to the airport! I'm still having packing issues, but I need all eight pairs of shoes (and it's a feat that I've been able to narrow it down to that!) so we will just have to work that out tonight.
The team has spent so much time on our presentation, brochures(an amazing job by Christina!), business cards(another great job by Beth!), language lessons(muito obrigada Nadi!) and more so we are anxious to get our adventure started.
I'm extremely thankful to Wayne Opportunity Center for their incredible support! (Hugs and kisses to John, Amy, Jackie, Heather, Brenda, Sarah and the George St. crew) Another big thank you to the Golden Eagles Rotary Club for their sponsorship. I am looking forward to dazzling you with my presentation upon return. Finally thank you to my family. Eu te amo and will be thinking of you everyday! Keep me in your prayers.
We will be posting updates while in Sao Paulo so check back often!

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